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Methuen Mayor Neil Perry has tackled many significant accomplishments over his time in office, but his job is not yet done. There’s always something to strive for, something to work towards, something to achieve for the betterment of Methuen.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry - Transparency and Accountability in City Government

Continued Transparency and Accountability in City Government:

A main goal of Mayor Perry’s initial campaign promise was to focus on transparency. This is an effort he has focused on, with demonstrable results, such as through the creation of the Financial Transparency Center on the City of Methuen website for all residents using the CLEARGOV platform; the implementation of SEECLICKFIX, a problem reporting and tracking platform with full accountability that has been used for COVID issues, trash issues, snowstorm and Public Works issues; as well as regular communication via the Mayor’s Minutes, Social Media and City Council Meetings. Mayor Perry plans to build upon this foundation of transparency and ensure every voice can be heard in Methuen.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry - COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Mayor Perry is working hard to make sure all residents have the option to be vaccinated right here in Methuen. He has already established a COVID vaccination site for all Methuen residents; he now continues to fight to get more vaccines into our city and won’t rest until all our residents have been vaccinated. He also established the Methuen CARES Center early in the pandemic to check on and provide food for seniors, quarantined individuals and housebound residents; and opened "Stop the spread" testing sites, in partnership with the state, in two locations across the city.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry - Methuen Police Department

Methuen Police Department

A major goal of Mayor Perry’s is to select a police chief and implement new policies for the Methuen Police Department. He led the drive to bring in an external audit, resulting in 23 recommendations on areas requiring improvement. Now Mayor Perry is leading the effort to identify the best individual to lead the Methuen Police Department, and address those findings, resulting in accreditation of MPD by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Mayor Perry also led the way by initiating legislation to remove the use of full-time intermittent police officers in Methuen, and follow the Civil Service-accepted procedures.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry - Capital Investment Plan

Capital Improvement Plan:

Expanding his efforts on the establishment of a conservative fiscal oversight process with monthly department reviews – which added nearly $3M to the free cash bottom line for FY20 - Mayor Perry plans to continue implementing more advanced financial planning to address the infrastructure in the city of Methuen. Part of his fiscal responsibility efforts last year included partnering with City Council to pass a conservative budget for FY'21 and creating a process in partnership with the City Council to hold almost $1m in excess capacity, resulting in the lowest tax increase in more than a decade. He plans to build upon that by releasing a 1, 3 and 5 year Capital Improvement Plan, as well as a fiscal forecast, while continuing to ensure operating within budget and establishing sound customer service policies. This includes fighting for maximum funding for the City of Methuen in the American Recovery Act, and additional efforts to help so many affected by the pandemic like the small business grants, rental assistance programs, mortgage assistance programs, and licensing refunds - expanding upon what we achieved in the last year.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry - Bringing Business To Methuen

Bringing Business To Methuen:

The Mayor continues to make Methuen a viable home for developers, businesses and corporations, even despite being hit hard by the pandemic. The Mayor is working on several projects that will greatly aid the Methuen Business Community with the initiation of his Methuen Business Consortium.

Mayor Neil Perry is eager to continue addressing the above issues during his time in office to make Methuen a better place!

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