Methuen Mayor Neil Perry

Rebuilding Trust in Methuen:

“Methuen is my home, and I’m working hard every day to make it better for all of us.”

Integrity. Leadership. Vision.

Rebuilding Trust in Methuen:
Transparency, Communication, Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility 


A lifelong resident of Methuen, Neil Perry brings a legacy of community involvement that has shaped his values and vision as a true leader. From father and coach to educator and distinguished professional, Neil Perry prides himself and his team on transparency, honesty and integrity in shaping the city of Methuen.


Even in the face of a global pandemic, Neil Perry took the reins of a city in crisis, holding true to his campaign promise to restore trust and accountability to local government. He has gone to great lengths to establish a foundation built on trust, candor and openness to restore public confidence and achieve realistic goals.


Methuen is driven by the generosity, kindness and commitment to excellence of its residents. The Mayor’s Office is always looking for volunteers to help with the many events and activities taking place throughout the city. YOU can make a difference in the community. Here’s how you can fulfill your civic responsibility!


Methuen is a busy place, and there’s always something going on. We pride ourselves on maintaining an open and transparent campaign, which is why we are eager to share with you the news and happenings affecting your city. Check out our campaign news section for a snapshot of the health of Methuen.

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